Account settings

Account settings


Use Sandbox / developer when you are testing the MYDIGIPASS.COM integration. Use Production when you have a formal subscription with MYDIGIPASS.COM. Use Custom when you want to manually specify the endpoint URLs on the advanced settings page.


The client identifier issued by MYDIGIPASS.COM.


The client secret issued by MYDIGIPASS.COM.

Callback URL

The callback URL of this website. The default value is http(s)://yourdomain/mydigipass/callback.
Ensure that this is the same url which you submitted to MYDIGIPASS.COM!

User account registration mode

Automatically create an account for users connecting via MYDIGIPASS.COM.

By enabling this option, a new user account will be created for users who connect via MYDIGIPASS.COM if the MYDIGIPASS.COM account is not yet linked to a Drupal account.

If accounts are created automatically, and the email address is not provided by MYDIGIPASS.COM, what value should be used as email?

  • Generate a random email address (this will be [:uuid:]
  • Show a form and ask the user to type his email address.

Under some conditions MYDIGIPASS.COM may not provide the email address of a user. This is the case when the user has not yet confirmed their email address to MYDIGIPASS.COM. However, Drupal requires an email address when creating an account. If you do not need the email address of the user, then it is safe to select that a random email address should be generated. If you need to send emails to the user, then it is recommended to ask the user to enter his email address.<:p>

Don't ask to link to an existing account.

By enabling this option, for users who connect via MYDIGIPASS.COM and for who the MYDIGIPASS.COM account is not yet linked to a Drupal account, the user will not be asked whether he would like to link the account to an existing account or whether he would like to create a new account. Instead, the module will continue on the page that allows to create a new Drupal account. Depending on the previous selection, either a form will be shown via which the user can create his account, or a new a user is created automatically.

Authentication mode

The most secure authentication mode is MYDIGIPASS.COM only. In this mode, a user is forced to authenticate using strong authentication from MYDIGIPASS.COM once he/she has linked his/her Drupal account to MYDIGIPASS.COM. In Mixed mode, an end-user still can logon with username/password.
Note: users who have not yet linked their account with a MYDIGIPASS.COM account are not affected by this setting.


Enable logout feature

By enabling the logout feature, users will be prompted whether they also want to log out of MYDIGIPASS.COM when logging out of this site. When logging out, the MYDIGIPASS.COM logout dialog will be shown where users can choose to also logout from MYDIGIPASS.COM or open their MYDIGIPASS.COM Launch Pad.