MYDIGIPASS.COM module for Drupal


This website is a default implementation of Drupal 7 which allows you to test the MYDIGIPASS.COM secure login API. You can find more information about the implemented API on the MYDIGIPASS.COM developer site as well as on

The Drupal module can be downloaded from

You are welcome to create as many accounts as necessary and link them to your MYDIGIPASS.COM account. Please note that accounts that are not linked to MYDIGIPASS.COM will be removed after a certain amount of time.


On this site you will find:

  • Administration screenshots showing the different Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 administration and configuration pages for use with MYDIGIPASS.COM.
  • Documentation of the different administration forms to configure the module.

This is site also allows you to test the module. You can modify some of the site's and module's core settings so that you can test the different modes in which you can use this module on your Drupal website.